Do you want to guarantee you don't lose a version of a file?

Automatically protect each version of a file

Time Traveler will revert-back to any version of a file stored on your Windows Server


What can Time Traveler do for you?

Automatically protect each version of a file

Home Server V1 support

Time Traveler supports Home Server V1 so you can access all functionality directly from Home Server's dashboard


Localized in both English and German languages

Easy recovery

Easy file recovery of single files, entire folders, or entire Shares

Free software updates

Easy access, directly in the Time Traveler software, to locate new features and product updates

Unlimited versions

Maintain unlimited file versions of your files; limited only by your hard drive storage

Free trial

A full-featured 15 day free trial is available


Windows Home Server V1

ISO Mounter supports direct integration into the Windows Home Server V1 dashboard

ISO Mounter

Mount ISO image files directly in your servers shared folder with ISO Mounter!

Snoop de dupe

Conserve and optimize your Windows Home Server hard disk space